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Toft Lions, created in 2011 now venture into their forth season in the CDFL. The team of orange and black were born in Toft but play their home fixtures at Barton recreation ground.

Managed by Harvey Bailey and Tom Preece. Captained by Daniel Thomas, the Lions moved up into the higher tier of the CDFL in 2013. Last season they found their way into three cup finals, winning the most important, The Friendly Cup.

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Harston 0-4 Toft Lions

Haslingfield 0 Vs 4 Toft Lions
Match Report: The Lions were fresh from losing 4-0 and only managing a 1-1 draw with Cambourne. Spirits were lifted even higher when non-goal scoring striker Daniel Thomas was injured and unable to play. Play began with no real difference between the teams, Ben and Harv created a couple of good chances for Matt, who was unable to find the back of the net... or make contact with the ball. But ... ... Read More

Let's keep it brief...

Melbourne Sundays 4 Vs 0 Toft Lions
Let's keep it brief. We lost. 4-0. It wasn't good. We should have scored. At least 3 times. Maybe more. Shaun got booked. Our first ever booking. Fuck sake Shaun. Cam turned up. Kind of. Graeme turned up. Just. We will win next week.

The Lions make it 3 from 3 in pre-season...

Toft Lions 4 Vs 1 Cambourne Church
The Lions made it 3 out of 3 with yet another win in a pre-season friendly. Apart from Coey Snr replacing Iain, there were no other changes to the Lions side who took 15 players to the game for the first time in their history. Matt once again scored the first making it 5 goals in 3 games, Dan with the flick on. It took little time for Cambourne to respond, a long ball over the top meant a carb ... ... Read More

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The Lions Vs Long Road
Zebras Vs The Lions
The Lions Vs Dobblers

Recent Results

Haslingfield 0 Vs 4 The Lions
The Lions 1 Vs 1 Cambourne Church
Melbourne Sundays 4 Vs 0 The Lions
The Lions 4 Vs 1 Cambourne Church
The Lions 3 Vs 0 CRUKI

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Harvey Bailey 2
Jamie Onyon 1
Iain Burnham 1
Name #
Matt Davis 2
Tom Preece 1
Martin Pudney 1
Name #
Greg Douglas 1.5
Cameron Douglas 1.5
Tom Preece 1.5
Name #
Greg Douglas 1
Tom Preece 1
Martin Pudney 1
Name #
Greg Douglas 3
Cameron Douglas 3
Harvey Bailey 3

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